Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mattel Rocawear and Barbie - Links

It seems that Barbie or the S.i.S. trio of Grace, Kara, and Trichelle will be wearing Rocawear in honor of the clothing brand's upcoming 10th anniversary.

Below are links to sites showing the S.i.S. dolls, a new Black female doll (Rocawear Barbie herself?), and a new male who resembles Jamal from the Shani line. The outfits look urban cute. Graphics on tee shirts, oversized tops, sneakers, high heels, tight pants, etc.

Smoking Section offers photos.

Prefix Mag provides background about the company's tie in with current musicians.

Black Celebrity Kids offers pre-issue reviews that show some people loving the dolls, others NOT appreciating the Black doll-urban clothing label connection, etc. Opinions, opinions.

My two cents? Shrug. I recognize Rocawear as a clothing label, but I have no strong feelings for or against it. My spare money buys dolls, action figures, stuff for DAFs, books, notebooks, that sort of thing. So for now, I am on the sidelines and I am watching the comments fly back and forth.

Wonder if Mattel will have the outfits available separate or if they tie the outfits in with the S.i.S. dolls?


Ebony Nicole, said...

My review is coming next week! I have a lot to say! I don't namebrand clothes either, all my money goes to dolls, books, notebooks and other stuff just like you! But I do want that doll with the blue shirt, black and white pants and the yellow shoes!

D7ana said...

Great news! I look forward to reading your review. So much has been going on for Barbie's 50th anniversary.

I like the guy's outfit, and yes, the one you mention, the graphics tee shirt and black-white graphics leggings worn by Trichelle best. The pink leggings and the black top worn by Grace would be my third favorite.

Dolls of Color said...

why can't people just be happy and get along? *sigh*

D7ana said...

Different people = different ideas about what "getting along" means, I suppose.