Thursday, November 5, 2009

Liv Display at Springfield Target

Alien encounter in a suburban store? Check Daniela's fists and Alexis' hair.

Found at Clifton Heights Kmart - Mattel Twilight, Odd Doll

Earlier today, I entered the Clifton Heights Kmart on Baltimore Pike for the first time. They had Twilight Barbie and Ken available. I also saw an odd doll, a porcelain child doll who looked as if she could almost fit Barbie-scale.

Here are the photos:

Twilight (Yawn) Barbie as Bella

Twilight Ken as Edward

He has an interesting face. Looks as if his nose were smashed and his head elongated. Striking rather than handsome.

Porcelain Drummer Doll

Kmart shoppers, you might want to find this porcelain doll with a gold drum set. She was in the Clearance section for $7.00.