Monday, November 24, 2008

Harley Davidson Barbie 2009

Mattel -- you gotta stop doing this to me, to the doll collecting public.

New Harley Davidson Barbie shown at the photo link below from Maddie's Dolls in Canada:

Although on second thought, I have a few Fashion Fever dolls that resemble this one. Their hair isn't quite so "big," but the face screening is close. Not sure if I like the pink chaps either. Hmmmm ....

Slim Tan Aoshima Received!

The Slim Tan Aoshima or Lady's Mission Basic Infantry doll has joined my doll and action figure group. I haven't removed her from the box yet -- want to get photos of her in-box AND out -- but I like her face screening and her coloring. The jeans jacket and pants are cute, too. Wonder if they will fit my Perfect Body women or the Get Sets or the Mixis?

Bargains at Target - Alvin Ailey Barbie and Catwoman Kelly

I followed a tip submitted by two posters at the Pink Parlor about a sale at Target. The Grease Barbies, the Alvin Ailey Barbie, and the Catwoman Kelly/Batman Tommy dolls were on sale at $17.48 for each Barbie and 7.00 for the Kelly set. I found the Alvin Ailey Barbie for $17.47 and the Kelly set for $7.47 at the Springfield Target.

Here's the link for Pink Parlor:

I'd wanted both the Alvin Ailey Barbie AND the Kelly set, but I thought I would wait until the prices were reduced -- oh just a little. Lucked out at those prices. Got one set each.