Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What Kind of Dog Am I? Guessing Playscale Dog Breeds

Last week, we celebrated National Dog Day. This week, I try to identify the dogs - with some help from the comments in last week's post. Do chime in if you have something to add.

Face front Lanard dog packed with I-Girl Paris
Lanard dog packed with I-Girl Paris

Profile of Lanard dog packed with I-Girl Paris
Lanard dog packed with I-Girl Paris, profile.

Lanard I-Girl Paris arrived with this biggish brown dog I think it looks like a Great Dane. Or could it be a rottweiler? The dog's breed was not specified on the box so we can decide the breed based on what we have seen. Anyone think of another breed this dog could be?

Next, I have 3 Mattel dogs. (Mattel makes LOTS of dogs for Barbie and her friends. LOTS.)

Barbie's Fashion Model New York Yorkies accessory set - guessing here - a Yorkshire terrier?

Mattel Barbie Yorkshire Terrier
Mattel Barbie Yorkshire Terrier

 Photo Student Ken's dog - yes! Ken has a pet! No mention of its breed. Anyone want to guess? I think Brini mentioned a golden retriever?

Mattel Photo Student Ken's golden retriever
Profile of Mattel Photo Student Ken's golden retriever
Photo Student Ken's dog

Mystery Squad Kenzie's dog. This one makes me think of the phrase "generic mid-sized dog."*

Mattel Mystery Squad Kenzie's dog
Mattel Mystery Squad Kenzie's dog

Playmates Toys Inc. gave the TV Star Edition of their Hilary Duff doll this spunky-looking dog. 

Playmates Toys Inc. 1:6 doll dog TV Star edition Hilary Duff
Playmates TV Star Hilary Duff's dog
Playmates Toys 1:6 scale dog
Side view of Hilary Duff's dog

Smartees' Vicky the Veterinarian came with this brown dog. Another generic dog. On the plus side, this is the only articulated dog in this group. See his side photo.

Brown dog packed with Smartees Vicky the Veterinarian, facing
Smartees Vicky the Veterinarian's brown dog

Side view of brown dog with Smartees Vicky the Veterinarian

Spin Master's Liv series celebrated dogs in a wave that paired each of the original four Liv characters with a different dog breed. Alexis has a bichon frise; Daniela, a golden retriever like Ken; and Sophie, a shih tzu. Jake does not have any pets; Hayden tends to several pets including a dachshund from the School's Out: Hayden's Pet Adoption Center. I have the dachshund and Katie's dog Sk8, a border collie.

Spin Master Liv 1:6 scale dachshund from Hayden's Pet Adoption Center
Dachshund from Hayden's Pet Adoption Center

Spin Master Liv border collie 1:6 scale dog
Liv Katie's border collie

These are only a few of the playscale dogs available. Not that dogs are Man's only best friend: there are cats and fish and turtles and snakes and bunnies and rodents .... But those can be topics for future posts.

*Correction made 9/4/2014 - Mystery Squad Kenzie, not "McKenzie."