Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ken Goes to Disney Too!

Look who else Barbie is taking to Disney - yes, that's Ken!

I saw this set in Walmart's clearance section at the "reduced" price of $29.97. So Ken got to go, too. Applause. Sooo sweet.

Monster High's Steampunk Robecca

Mattel new Monster High character Robecca Steam is described as wearing Steampunk style. I had seen a "steampunk" Wonder Woman and seen references to Lewis Carroll's Alice books, but what does steampunk mean? What is Steampunk style?

I read the wikipedia entry on steampunk. My short version of "steampunk" is a mashup of Victorian-19th Century fashion, style, and thinking set in an alternate universe where steam is used instead of electricity. What does that mean for fashion? Select pieces recognizable as 19th century like corsets, pocket watches, monocles or goggles, waistcoats, petticoats, and full skirts.

Here is the back of Robecca's box. Do you think that her outfit looks steampunk?

There doesn't seem to be a lot of material to her outfit and her companion, but what is there could be considered "steampunk" - bronze goggles, blue stopwatch bag, tall Victorian boots, companion mechanical owl.

For those of you planning on getting a Robecca doll, do you intend to maintain her steampunk fashion style? If you are interested in creating additional steampunk fashions for your Robecca Steam, you can visit these websites for tips:

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