Sunday, December 4, 2011

Vivid Imaginations - Brown British are Coming!

Ladies and gents, folks of all ages, this tip is from SuperCoolDollhouse. SuperCoolDollhouse, you are the MAN! Scoop King! Let's give him both hands. Applause.

Behold, Britain's Boy Band, JLS, who reached second place on The X Factor in 2008. The X Factor is a musical talent reality show that I would not watch unless I had to choose between watching that show and being torn limb-to-limb. Shudder. "JLS" is an initialism for - Jack the Lad Swing. However, in spite of the reality show source, something "good" came from that television: four new ethnic male dolls! Squeak!

1. Vivid Imaginations brings JLS members to vinyl life.
Aston Merrygold
Marvin Humes
JB Gill and
Oritse Williams

2. The JLS dolls are PLAYSCALE - 30 cm! Their arms and legs seem to be straight, not jointed. Shame that. It's tricky finding poseable young male bodies. Word association? Cute. I can appreciate cute young guys as well as cute older men - wink. Especially in playscale drama.

There seem to be three versions of the dolls: original set with each group member packaged separately, a 4-doll set of the original group members, and a third set with doll wearing their Outta This World exclusive outfits.

3. Price, postage, PRICE. At one website, the sale price for the JLS members is 14.99 GBP for one doll which today translates to $23.39 USD. So the JLS guys will cost a little more than most Mattel pink box dolls. Given that each doll has a complete outfit - top, pants, shoes, and other small accessories, that is not a steep price. Postage from the U.K. or from Australia, I don't want to think about. although I could remind myself that these are once in a blue moon figures ... so they might be worth it. Whether will sell them to the U.S. or outside of Britain, I have to find out.

Thanks again for the scoop, SuperCoolDollhouse.