Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sayonara - No, Say It Ain't So ....

Okay, we've picked up rumors. Seen the shelves barer. Wondered. I think the first time I noticed "discontinued" along with "customer care" was in a comment on Emily's blog. So I sent a query to Spin Master's Customer Care link and received an answer back:

" ... we currently do not have plans to release any new LIV dolls or accessories in 2013."


Oh, no. So it is true. No more Liv dolls after the current lines.  So should we rush out and nab every Liv doll we can find? Maybe not ... because the considerate Customer Care team provided a link to a new doll line, La Dee Da range. And I thought ... perhaps Spin Master has revamped the Liv concept. Maybe we can have those great, pose-able bodies with new heads? Light returns to the valley.

Still ... it wouldn't hurt to set aside a few of the Liv bodies that remain. Just in case.