Monday, October 7, 2013

Power Team Donkey Prances While the Devil Was Beating His Wife

Today, we Philadelphians had several sunshowers. Sunshowers, you ask. Yes, sunshowers as in rain falling while the sun shines. Or, the devil is beating his wife. Yes, I am a born and bred Philadelphian, but I have some "country" or "Southern" roots in that my father was born and raised in Georgia before he moved to Philadelphia. What has this weather condition to do with a blog about sixth scale dolls and action figures? Well, this is the day that I took the M & C Toys Power Team donkey out for photos. Hence the post title.

Power Team Donkey waits for Farmer Miles.

Power Team Donkey lowers his rump ...

... then rises and stretches his front legs.

Here he stands, face forward. Just another odd sunshowery day for this industrious creature.

Note: I took these photos between sunshowers. The Power Team donkey is all hard plastic, but I did not want to rust his joints so there are no during-the-rain photographs. And yes, it is super cool that he can raise or lower his head and his rump and that his front "knees?" and "ankles?" can bend.