Monday, April 28, 2014

Late Earth Day Tribute - Zeenie Eco-Warrior Fashion Dolls

Ever feel guilty about our dolls and action figures being plastic? Well, this doll series might provide balm for that anxiety. These dolls should have been in an Earth Day post. A few days late? A year early? You decide, but in either case, the six Zeenie Dollz, produced by a mother-daughter team (Zeenie Dollz LLC), mean to save the Earth. Lead by Zeenia aka Mother Earth, the  five eco-warriors - Evee, Kazumi, Lina, Sini, and Yana - have 14-points of articulation. Twelve inches tall* and compatible fashion-wise with Barbie and Barbie clones, the Zeenie dolls are made from recyclable plastic. So you can look, buy, and bask in ecological dogoodery.

However, all is not perfect in my eyes. Here's my short list of what I like and what I don't like about them. You won't be surprised by my comments.


Poseable playscale bodies - am I thinking new body candidates? (Yeah)
Fashions that I find adorable - the fashions would look great on other dolls
Brownie points for them being made from recycled plastics
Support small business/female entrepreneurs

Not so Good

BIG heads with inset eyes (shudder)
Price (BUT procedes from the sales go to a good cause)

Seen elsewhere online at

Zeenie Dolls on Flickr
Veni_Vidi_Dolli blog by Lori 
2013 review by Doll Diaries 
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to mention a few websites featuring these dolls. If you are hard-pressed for time, read Emily's review first. It is full of photos and comparisons.

*The Zeenie Dollz website lists the dolls at 12"; Emily's blog has them at 13".