Thursday, April 24, 2014

Kmart Just Kidz Haunted Houses Reduced - 3 Days Only

Looking for a wooden haunted house for your Simba Just Kidz Scary Fashion doll or for your Scary Dolls or your Mattel Monster High? Well, the Kmart stores at the Gallery and at 900 Orthodox Street might have some bargain dwellings for you at the end of their liquidation sales. Think that in the last three days, there is nothing for you? If these roughly playscale settings hold any interest - as they are or customized to your tastes, then it might be worth a trip in town or out off the Roosevelt Boulevard. 

The Just Dreamz furniture pieces included in these two houses resemble the ones Muff got two years ago - with a Halloween/horror stickers attached. I saw the coffin-shaped Haunted Hall that once cost $69.99 BEFORE discount is now $28.00.

Just Dreamz Haunted Hall coffin-shaped dollhouse

The slightly larger, slightly more elaborate Spooky Suite that once sold for $99.99 BEFORE discount is now $40.00.

Just Dreamz Spooky Suite dollhouse with special Glow in the Dark effects

You could customize the fronts to create a street block. I wish I had the space and the funds to do so. Not any time soon, but I leave the idea for others ;-)

Just Dreamz Spooky Suite dollhouse back

The side of the box shows the furniture included in the 4-story house. Basic furnishings like a bed, dining table and two chairs, bathtub*, stove/sink unit, and a clothes hanger.

Just Dreamz Spooky Suite dollhouse side showing wooden furniture

I have been thinking about downsizing so much, I almost missed this sale. But I treated myself to a Moxie Girlz outfit for $1.72 - pink satin jacket and white with silver glitter pants. It was the only one of its kind there. So I liberated it from the store. It won't take up too much space.

Happy Hunting!

*Weird, a wooden bathtub? And why is the floor lamp pictured with the tub? Scary, indeed.