Friday, July 23, 2010

Momoko News from GoGoMomoko Yahoo Group

I follow the GoGoMomoko Yahoo Group. One of the members there offered information about new 2010 Momokos AND the update of a Momoko link page:

Momoko doll website updated

AND there is a Momoko Blog - in English!

Happy Viewing

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Target Sales - Barbie in Uniforms and Others

Yesterday, I noticed these dolls on sale at Target:

Career Barbies for about $28 each and Liv dolls for about $13 each.

There were other dolls on sale like the H2O dolls, but these dolls struck me as the best buys. Poseable Liv dolls whose bodies could be used with Barbie heads; the astronaut Barbie outfit kept for another Barbie ... yes.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

(Late) Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my birthday ... next year, I'll share a blow-out anniversary with Ken, but I am acknowledging the day now. Gives me an excuse to share some of my birthday-themed dolls, ha!

Here are two Takara Jenny Calendar Girls:

The one in the navy Schoolgirl uniform is Tamaki, an Art student; the other in the Reggae inspired-outfit is Reggae Jenny. I will write more about Jennys in future posts, but these are two of my favorites.

Next, are two Mattel Barbies, Birthstone Beauty for July and Zodiac Cancer:

I like these although poor Birthstone Beauty July looks starved. Model muse body. What can I say?

Ty Li'l Ones: New Friends for the Kellys & SiS Girls

Saw these cuties in a Shop-Rite supermarket: they are called Li'l Ones. Aside from the deliberately "cute" name - Li'l for Little - I can see adding them to my collection. They seem to be Kelly-sized. Really cute although the face seems to be the same for them all. Most of them have dogs, but there's at least one with a cat.

Kellys and SiS girls can have new friends.

Additional photos and information can be found here

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shipping to the Philippines - Birthstone Barbie

Below is some information about shipping packages to the Philippines. The delivery dates are estimates; only Global Express Guaranteed Mail is guaranteed to arrive within the specified time (1-3 business days). Weight is in pounds; dollars are U.S. dollars.

Mail Options

First Class takes 5-10 business days
Priority Mail takes 6-10 business days
Express Mail takes 3-5 business days
Global Express Guaranteed Mail takes 1-3 business days

Tracking and insurance only available for Express Mail.
I now see I need to go back and check on Registered Mail.

Specific doll shipping cost

NRFB Birthstone Barbie with original box and including her stand and certificate weighs 1 pound, 11.30 ounces:

First Class costs $15.32
Priority Mail (Medium) Flat Rate costs $30.75
Express Mail costs $37.00
Global Express Guaranteed Mail costs $78.50

Mint from box Birthstone Barbie w. her certificate, her outfit, and her little dog weighs 15.40 ounces:

First Class costs $10.31
Priority Mail costs $26.50
Express Mail costs $32.50
Global Express Guaranteed Mail costs $58.75

Hope this information helps.

Friday, July 2, 2010

2010 Fashionistas at Target!

New Fashionistas at Target, but so far, the blondes still outnumber the brunettes.