Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy Labor Day and September Topics

Yay, September is here! Happy Labor Day to those celebrating it.

Summer is winding down. Temperature is in the 80s. Most days are sunny. Here we have Integrity Toys' "Wild" from the Monsieur Z Summer Babes wave stretched on a bench.

Monsieur Z Summer Babes Wild reclines
Monsieur Z Summer Babes Wild

Monsieur Z Summer Babes Wild stands against a Mattel Flavas backdrop
Monsieur Z Summer Babes Wild stands

September Topics include: 

Back to School dolls, action figures, and playsets

Doll and Action Figure Sale - I'm at a now or never point.

September 13 - International Chocolate Day. Short and possibly sweet: eat chocolate.

September 15 - October 15 - National Hispanic Heritage Month                                                                 
September 27 - World Tourism Day.  This year, Burkina Faso hosts World Tourism Day. Burkina Faso is a West African country formerly known as Upper Volta. Lonely Planet has a rich tourism page about Burkina Faso.   

Swimwear in September. As in sales, you ask. No, as in, I haven't covered swimwear earlier this summer so I mean to squeeze it in now. What are dolls and action figures wearing and what have dolls and action figures worn?

The Liebstar Award, moving, and organizing are other topics I intend to cover. What's coming up for your blogs?