Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Month: Bikes, Pets, and Heritage Celebrations

May first and such a lovely day. Here is a short list of some topics I might cover this month:
There are four ethnic groups to be featured this month: South Asian American, Haitian American, [East] Asian Pacific American, and Jewish American. What that means here is that I find dolls or action figures that I have that match those groups. Why? Because it's fun to see how extensive my collection is. And I get to see where I have gaps. And I get to do a search online to find the missing ethnic figures in playscale. Why again? Because ... because I can. Grin. I can do this for a long time. 

Moving on, this is also our national Bike month AND our national PET month. So I get to pull out my doll and action figure bikes and playscale pets. I have single bikes and one bicycle-for-two, but alas no unicycles. And I might not have any tricycles for the kiddies. Might not ... I have more stuff for the kiddies than I realize.

For a preview, I have photos of two Integrity Toys fashion dolls:

2001 InStyle Jade  #53250 30036 and

2002 Fashion Forward: Subtle Elegance Israeli Candi  #90024 

Integrity Toys' Jade

Integrity Toys' Candi