Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ooops I Did It Again - Blog Layout Revision

I've shifted from the Dynamic View layout to the Awesome layout. While I liked the clean lines of the Dynamic View, I missed having My Blog List, Archive Posts, and other features. The Awesome layout allows for those features to appear in the right column. The blog retains some of the airy qualities of the Dynamic View without the problems of that format. I like it. Sure, I could use a logo and maybe some color in the blog title and/or font variation. 

What do you think? Suggestions and problem alerts welcome. If something doesn't work, I'd love to know so that I can fix it. Any suggestions for a specific color or colors? Do you think PhillyCollector has a specific aura color? Do share.

Please note: the color p-i-n-k will not appear. That's right, I will consider any color BUT pink. I do not resent or dislike Mattel or the tradition of associating "the pink aisle" with "little girls and dolls." Barbie is featured often here, but this is not a solely Barbie enterprise. Pink is Mattel's marketing color, not mine. Of course, if you think this blog comes across as pink, let me know that.