Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Charles Links: Leaky Legs and S.i.S. Updates

I'm passing on two more links to articles by Charles of "My Doll Diary" - the first about leaky Barbies and the second about the S.i.S. line.

Leaky Legs

More on S.i.S. dolls.

Informative and entertaining reads. Enjoy!

Boogie Beach Dynamite Girls Courtesy of ShugaShug

ShugaShug writes about a new doll series, Boogie Beach Dynamite Girls. She has gorgeous close-up photos (prototypes?) of these dolls who are limited to 300 each. Sigh.

Time to clear stuff out - MUST HAVES, these are.

Oh, wait, that's my knee jerk reaction to all stunning new doll series.

ShugaShug is the online name for a doll collector who blogs about Integrity fashion dolls.