Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Puzzler: Just Kidz' Scary Fashion Doll

Usually, I don't pay much attention to what I call the "cheap doll aisle." That aisle in Kmart where they have the Just Kidz toys. This 11.5" fashion doll though stopped me. I like her heart-shaped face. That is somewhat unusual. My jaw didn't drop, but I reached for my digital camera. Was it the tattoos on her face and on her thigh? No, although that placement raised my eyebrow. How many fashion dolls have thigh tattoos? Ankles or cheeks or stomach, yes. Thighs though? Her white complexion a la Mattel's Twilight dolls? No, clones happen. Her odd hollow posing body a la Maddie Mod? No, she's a budget doll. Budget dolls have cheap bodies. Shrug. So why did I decide that I must show this doll?

First, she comes equipped with her own coffin-wardrobe. The coffin-wardrobe looks bizarre to me. It's a flaming pink. (Scorching to the eyes, I would say.) And it has a cross embossed on the front that leaves me puzzled. How many hot pink coffins exist? Especially with crosses on the front?

Second, supernatural dolls seldom show crosses. Think of similar dolls in the "undead" or "mystic" vein: Lovely Patsy's Midnight Magic quartet; Mattel's Twilight series; MGA Entertainment's Bratzillaz; and Playhut's Mystixx teens. No crosses anywhere among those dolls. I am not complaining; I just find the cross - odd? - in this playline fashion doll set. Possibly it's the placement of a sacred image in with a secular setting?

Then, I wonder, what is a supernatural doll figure doing with a cross on her coffin-wardrobe? If she is a vampire - as might be inferred by the coffin - wouldn't the cross be ... well, disturbing? And if she is not a vampire - more likely - isn't the choice of a coffin odd for a wardrobe? Is she a "Goth" fashionista?

Whatever her background and story, let's say that A Scary Fashion doll is Just Kidz's piece of the "scary" fashion doll line. So she could be an interesting addition to your Gothic fashion doll line.

Here is a full length photo of the Scary doll.

And another full length photo of the doll and the coffin-wardrobe.

And last, a photo of the doll's stock number and a non-working url for the JustKidz line.

What do you think?