Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Cinderella and New Prince - Looking Good

Yes, this is a shallow post. Oh the looks factor. Well ... aesthetics ....

Has anyone seen the new Mattel Disney Fairytale Wedding Cinderella and Prince Charming? Hubba hubba ... they look good. Both their heads are SMALLER than the usual playscale Disney heads. Their eyes are in good proportion to their faces. I am picky about which Disney figures I buy because usually their heads are soooo big. Thumbs up on the head/face size for this pair though. Normal-sized heads make them look more attractive. Plus this Prince Charming has lost the smarm factor of previous "Charmings." See the photos below:

What about that gown, hmm? Looking good, folks.

Close up of their faces.

Back of their box.

This handsome couple was seen in a local Walmart store. Price: $26.97. Sigh. You knew there had to be a fly in that ointment.