Sunday, August 18, 2013

New So in Style Grace and Trichelle Big and Little Sister Sets

Last time, the So in Style sister sets were of Grace and Courtney playing tennis and of Kara and Kianna skating. This time we have Grace and Courtney having Hair Fun and Trichelle and Janessa adopt a pet. (Not what I would call parallel activities, but to each her own.)

So anything new about them? Aside from the much-desired articulation (yes, yes!)? Well, I think Trichelle looks a few shades darker than she was. And her eyes don't look the same to me ... perhaps because they are centered instead of to the side?

I like the poser bodies although I wish the little sisters were more articulated.

Anyone buying these dolls? I am not sure if I want these sets. (The clothes color seems garish.)