Monday, September 22, 2008

Jazz Baby Diva and Queen of Hearts Barbies Arrive!

They're here! Jazz Baby Diva Barbie Gift Set and Queen of Hearts Barbie.

These are two of the dolls I bought during Mattel's Customer Appreciation Days Sale (sale ends 11:59pm CT 9/30/2008). I had admired both dolls but I had not wanted to pay the original prices for them. Then I heard about this wonderful sale, submitted my order, and bang. Two new beautiful dolls.

Jazz Baby Diva Barbie strikes a dramatic pose with her right gloved arm thrown up in the air and her microphone before her. She has three wigs: dark brown, dark red, and golden blond. She also has a black sheer mini robe, black sheer stockings, a half-dozen red roses, silver brush and beauty accessories, black formal heels, black bedroom slippers and a black-silver gown.

The clear plastic box presents the doll and her accessories attractively. Jazz Baby Diva Barbie appears to be on stage on the left side while the right side appears to be the diva's dressing room with a shelf to hold two wigs, a hook for the diva's black chiffon robe, a table to hold her silver hair brush, mirror, compact, and sheer black stockings. She also has a half-dozen red rose and some slippers right before the (cardboard) dressing table that holds her makeup accessories.

The Queen of Hearts Barbie does not have as many accessories: aside from her red queen-themed dress, she wears a gold (plastic) tiara and holds a pink flamingo croquet mallet. However, she has a lovely Roman nose. (Most Barbies have tiny turned up noses; then again, Bratz have NO noses. Shame.)

I look forward to finding suitable clothes for this doll. Although -- wait -- there is a thin tape on the lower right corner, on the back of the box stating that the outfit cannot be removed. Ha. Off with the Queen's head then, and onto a new, poseable body. A My Scene Nolee or Delancey would match the Queen's complexion.

I'm very pleased with these purchases.