Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Surprise Find at Valu-Plus, 52nd & Market Sts.

A Valu-Plus store had five Integrity Studio It playline dolls, one of the last Janay series. Three of the Janay dolls, I have in my collection already; the two Alysas were new to me. So I bought an extra Janay and the two Alyssa dolls. I call this a surprise find because

a. I had not seen any Janay series for at least a year

b. these dolls were outside Wal-Mart and/or a specialty doll dealer and

c. the dolls cost $4.00 EACH, which is half what the original cost was for this series.

Below are photos of the Janay with the Alysa head mold and two Alysas* as well as a photo of the back of the box:

Corrected - all 3 of these head molds are the last Alysa head molds. Including the dark complected one with the Janay wrist tag.