Monday, March 5, 2012

Online Liv Reference

Many of us are worried that our new favorite body donor, the Liv series, might be discontinued. Well, I have nothing to contribute to that anxiety now. But I have found a website FULL of Liv photos of the dolls and their accessories from their beginning to late 2011. It is called ShopLivDolls, and I confess to have browsed almost the way I used to pore over the Sears Christmas catalogs of my youth. Sigh. Lots of "I wants" as I looked.

The only sticking point is some of the prices. Daniela with her drum set for $49.99? I breathed a sigh of relief that I got mine on sale for less than HALF that amount. But the collector's heart knows what he or she is willing to pay. And I appreciate what the website creator - Lisa? - has done in pulling together this information about this series that has added additional fun to other doll lines.

Let the browsing begin!