Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Photos - Photography Suggestions Anyone?

Memorial Day 2015.

I acknowledge and thank the soldiers who died in service to this country. In observation of this day, I am sharing this Wikipedia article and  this brief video.  (A black cat is involved; how could I fail to share that?)

I took some dolls and doll bikes out earlier to photograph. I wanted to show off Carnival Barbie on her new body. I wanted to take advantage of the sun shining and the day not being too humid. I wanted to use the bikes before I packed them away. And I wanted to acknowledge Memorial Day. So I went out and took photos.

Usually, I like my outdoor photos. Natural light helps. Usually. But I was not happy with these results. The last group photo is okay, but the bike photos are dark in spots and fuzzy. Any suggestions?

Thanks for looking and any feedback.