Sunday, December 23, 2012

Issues in Playscale: Do You *Buy* 1:6 Politicians?

Election 2012 is over. Done. But maybe someone out there would like to relive or replay the event ... in playscale. Or you might want some other political figures brought to your playscale world. Guess what? There are playscale action figures for you to do so. You'll need to get online to buy them, but they are available.

You can go humorous with Herobuilders or serious with Dragon in Dreams, Hot Toys, Hasbro, or That's My Face. Me, I vouch for Dragon in Dreams' President Obama. Would I have preferred the Hot Toys Obama figure? Yes, according to DBG's post comparing the two figures. Here's a list of some politicans and pundits available:

President Barack Obama (Dragon in Dreams, Hot Toys or Herobuilders)

Governor Mitt Romney (That's My Face)

Ron Paul (That’s My Face)

Eric Holder (That’s My Face)

The cost for Mr. Holder is $99.00 for his customized head mounted on a 12" action figure body with your choice of outfits: military brown, Indiana Jones, business suit, or casual wear of jeans and a tee shirt. Colin Powell (Hasbro)

Herman McCain (

Prince William (Herobuilders or That's My Face)

Kate Middleton (That’s My Face)

So far, I only have Dragon in Dreams' President Obama. Space and funds permitting, I would get several of the others, just to have new faces in my collection. Space and funds NOT permitting at this time though ... so the others go on my Someday List.

What do you think of them? Do any of you have any of them? Would you add them to your collection?

Kari Michell (Kari Mitchell) Fashion Links

Okay, this post is for Cindi Mortensen and any Kari Michell fans out there.

I found a PhillyCollector post showing a Kari Michell fashion set. Miss Spotty Jane also has a post showing another KM set. And on Flickr, there are some deboxed outfits shown. But Google wins the prize for most KM sets shown.

Anyone else have any Kari Michell or Kari Mitchell fashion photos to share? Thanks in advance.