Thursday, November 8, 2012

Which 1 Direction Harry Do You Prefer?

Have you got your red box 1 Direction fashion dolls? You might want to make sure that you do, because new sets are coming. One set is called "The Video Collection". These same faces appear in a possibly "rare" "Singing Collection" set. I saw one of the Video dolls the other day in the Center City Kmart. Okay, the first Harry doll is not pretty, but OMG, is the second one fugly? Sorry. I don't think that the new Harry doll face is an improvement ... well, I will let the photo show what I mean.

I confess to being biased in favor of attractive dolls. Usually. Note, I did not type "pretty" or "beautiful," but "attractive." That covers a range that translates to something that I find appealing. I like the hair of the doll ... something about the plastic curls amuses me. And I like his beady eyes. And the outfit. But this new Harry doll - while having bigger eyes than the first doll - looks less like the young singer than the first version. This one reminds me of the actress Hilary Swank ... in drag. Or maybe her younger brother ....

Still, I might get the second doll for the outfit. I prefer the first outfit, but the second one would be a nice young man's shirt and pants. See the photo below of the two dressed Harrys.

In case you need to see the difference of the new box for the Video Collection, the new box is white instead of the bright red of the first collection. If only he wore the same outfit as the one worn by the singer on the box. (Sigh. Now that navy jacket would have been a great asset to my male doll wardrobe. Shrug. Alas. Not to be.)

What do you think of the two Harrys? Do you have a preference? Or do both set you heart tingling? (Note: neither makes any part of me tingle ... I'd just like to have additional young males for my playscale high school. The real singers are too young, too "callow" for me, lol.)

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