Monday, October 12, 2009

Wikipedia and Mixis Article

Fools dive in where angels fear to tread.

I've heard something like that, but being a fan, I tend to look for a likely soft landing spot and dive. So after editing one Wikipedia article, "Fashion doll" to add the Mixis dolls to that list, I placed an entry of my own on the Mixis dolls. There were no other Wikipedia entries for them. I mean, yes, there are photos of the Mixis and a few articles about them online, but I felt they needed some extra ... presence? referencing? online. How else will those other Mixis dolls be produced?

First step then was to create a Wikipedia user name. Then I should have edited a few articles BEFORE creating one. So I edited the entry on Fashion Dolls first. Easy to copy the formatting and paste the repeated text in the list and then to adjust the text to read "Mixis, etc."

My next step was to review the article copy I created to make it as neutral yet informative as I could. Think I succeeded there. Also, I had to make sure that I did not plagiarize text from the website. I think I did well there ... someone will let me know, if I didn't.

I need to fix the reference tags; I'll check on that tomorrow. Or maybe some kind, generous Wikipedia expert will correct the error. (Yeah right ... there are scads of playscale collectors just waiting for the opportunity to fix incorrect entries on Wikipedia. Sigh.)

Here's the link to the

Mixis article

Thanks for any advice, suggestions, etc.