Friday, February 27, 2015

What About This Figure?

I feel conflicted reporting this news, but it is about a playscale figure and it falls in with the Black History theme. The character though is someone I find distasteful so part of me wants to ignore it. Sigh. Drums fingers. Sigh again. Okay, I'll share.

Storm Collectibles has created a 1:6 scale Mike Tyson figure. Alter-Ego Comics and BigBadToyStore have the figure available for pre-order. What is the pre-order cost? $239.99 at both sites. Gulp. Yes, I typed $239.99.

You may remember that Storm Collectibles produced a stunning Dennis Rodman. The Tyson figure looks as well-crafted as the Rodman one. Were I wealthier than I am now, I would consider these figures quasi-art pieces. I wave aside the cost though and ask, why him? Can people really forget what he did

I am amazed that anyone would create a figure of him, that anyone would want a figure of him. Then again, someone might just want a boxer-built action figure. Shrug. I don't get it. Anyone else flummoxed?

Storm Collectibles
Storm Collectibles