Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Diorama Dreaming

I've been inspired by some awesome doll and action figure dioramas - mainly by these blogs: Creazione and Super Cool Doll House as well as other projects by other collectors. Now what would I do, if I were to do dioramas?

Oddly enough, I want a garage for my people. I am thinking a two or three shelf unit that could hold the various cars and other vehicles I have.

Then I would like to do a costume store at Halloween - with costumes on racks and figures trying out costumes. That would be fun for Halloween display.

I'd like a park scene, too. And a bus scene. A mall scene. A pub. A nightclub. Various rooms for specific dolls ....

But I'll need space. So I need to gather the stuff for these projects AND to make space for at least ONE scene this month. The garage would be simplest to do, but the costume shop seems more fun. Maybe I'll gather my current items for each and see which is the most do-able.

Diorama dreaming ... on a late summer's evening.