Friday, September 14, 2012

More Victorious Dolls ... Three More Girls!

Okay, how many of you, like me, thought that there was just 1 character made by Spinmaster for the Nickelodeon Victorious show? Victoria aka Tori.

Guess what? There are THREE other dolls in the series: Trina, Jade, and Rose. Nickelodeon made this announcement in March. I have only seen Tori here in Philadelphia. Has anyone else seen any of these other dolls in stores? Online they are expensive - check them on eBay. I am going to wait to see if they reach the Philadelphia market before placing any online orders.

Okay, I  will say it: they have NOTHING on the Liv dolls. Well, the knees bend well, but no arm joints. Sigh. All but one has an open-mouth smile (grin). I like the closed mouth doll best although her head - like the others - looks a little big. Still, they are new playscale figures, and I would like to have at least two of them - closed mouth Jade and possibly Cat and/or Tori.

Curious about the Victorious doll world? Check out this wiki devoted to them:

Victorious wiki

Happy hunting!