Sunday, October 12, 2008

Photos of the High School Musical 3 Dolls

Here are photos of the two Prom Night sets and the one Graduation Day doll that I bought:

I'll post another photo when I debox them. I'll get Chad without that shine on his face.

Rebelde School Sets -- No Further Sighting

I asked about the Rebelde School Sets at two Walmarts. No one knew what I was talking about. Not at the South Philly branch where I found Giovanni and Lupita; not at the Roosevelt Boulevard one either.

What's a collector to do?

Spread the query further. I can contact local collectors and collector groups. I can write to other message boards. I could call the branches although calling is less effective in this instance. A store could have an item, but that item could be sold BEFORE I reach the store or it could be misplaced in the store. Then again, the person answering the phone may or may NOT look for the item I request. Shrug. Maybe closer to the holidays? Maybe.

In the meantime, I have other dolls and action figures to get. I placed an order for a nude U.S. Army Ranger 75th Regiment from Hot Toys - this one looks like a better looking Terrence Howard -- as well as two Fashion Royalty dolls and the AKA Centennial Barbie on backorder with Mattel Collectibles. Still, I miss NOT having Diego. (I have Roberta in her concert outfit.)

High School Musical 3: Prom Date Dolls at Walmart

Very pleased to have found the High School Musical 3 Senior Year: Prom Date dolls at a Walmart on Roosevelt Boulevard -- the one at Tower Boulevard. I saw and bought

Ryan and Kelsie
Sharpay and Zeke

Ryan wears a peach three piece suit with a white collar, black sparkly tie, black top hat, and black oxford shoes. Kelsie wears a cream sleeveless dress with peach floral overdress and peach gladiator platform sandals.

Sharpay wears a fuchsia sleeveless satin dress with silver trim at the bodice and the waist and semi-sheer fuchsia glitter kitten heeled pumps. Zeke wears a black satin jacket with tails, white shirt, black string tie, charcoal pants, and black oxford shoes.

At first, I was NOT going to get the Ryan set because I thought the peach suit would be too froo froo. But seeing the suit on the doll, it looks nicer than I had thought it would. While I don't follow this movie series, I do think that the peach suit looks like something the Ryan doll would wear.

I was NOT going to get the Sharpay-Zeke set because most Sharpays look cross-eyed and I had thought that Zeke would look like Steven. This particular Sharpay looks a little less cross-eyed than most, but what really drew me was the Zeke doll. He seems to have more personality than the Steven/Black Ken dolls. And I liked the idea of my Graduation Day Chad having a Black male companion his age and size. Just so that Chad isn't the only "other" in the group of male dolls his age and size.

I like to have a mix of races and ethnicities in my collection.

I'm glad to have nabbed a Sharpay-Zeke set also because I can imagine the protest letters pouring in. Think some people had fits about the solo pregnant Midges? This pairing of a white female doll and a black male doll in ONE box ... oh the outrage that is going to come forth. It doesn't matter what happens in the movie -- there are going to be protests about the dolls. How dare Mattel combine these dolls like this -- and yes, Mattel was brave to create this duo -- and this has to go down in doll history because I cannot think of a time when any doll company has ever romantically paired a black and a white doll. John Smith can be with Pocahontas, but Black dolls are always set off with other Black dolls. Eh well, it is 2008. Time to shake up things, hmmm?