Thursday, March 21, 2013

Disney Findings

For the playscale Disney fans online, here are a few things that I saw recently at Walmart.

Sleeping Beauty - Aurora? - is available as a Dream Princess. The Dream Princesses seem to be basic Disney playscale dolls dressed in nighties and reclining on "bed" painted inside the doll's box. (Not the worst way to resell basic dolls. And nighties are a little more useful than swimsuits. At least they would be for me, lol.)

Sparkling Princesses Tiana and Sleeping Beauty. Sorry, the dresses don't work for me. I would rather the night wear.

This Patio swing is my favorite. I'd repaint it to be a front porch swing. (Years ago, I lived in a house that had a porch with a swing on it.) I would repaint this swing forest green or black. Cute, huh?

So those are the latest Disney items I have seen.