Thursday, July 30, 2015

Playscale Wonder Woman List

Xena: Yo, D!

PhilyCollector: Hey, Xena. What's up?

Xena: Rumor has it, you want a Wonder Woman character so bad, you're getting a Barbie for the part.

PhilyCollector: Rumor is wrong. I like Mattel's newest Wonder Woman doll* shown at the San Diego Comic Con. Her face is longer than most Barbies; she's got personality. She won't stay Wonder Woman once she's here. She'll be an interesting new friend for you.

Xena: Hrmph! Too many Barbies here already .... I could be Wonder Woman. See.

Toy Biz Xena, Warrior-Princess, wearing her original black underpants and a Mattel Ken shirt
Xena: I have black hair, blue eyes, and an Amazonian build

PhilyCollector: You're already a Warrior-Princess.  Why go off-brand?

Xena: "Versatile" is my middle name: I can twirl around in my underwear just as easily as any Barbie.

PhilyCollector: The Wonder Woman role may be more difficult than you think: not including the unreleased Comic Con Barbie, there have only been four playscale Wonder Woman dolls and one playscale action figure.

History of Playscale Wonder Woman dolls

1967 Ideal Super Queens series included a Wonder Woman doll. She has Tammy's Grown Up friend, Misty's head on the adult "poser" body. Doll Reference site shows the doll out of her box.

1978 Mego Wonder Woman doll based on the American television show. This doll seems to be on the same body as Mego's 12.5" celebrity body.

2000 Mattel launched their first Barbie doll as Wonder Woman for the Collector Edition. She has the Mackie face.

2008 Mattel Wonder Woman Barbie doll in the Barbie Loves Pop Culture line. This Barbie has the Lara face, articulated elbows, and click bend knees. She was designed by Bill Greening.

2009 DC Direct Wonder Woman 1:6 Scale Figure. Fuller articulation aside, what makes this one an action figure, rather than a doll? Molded plastic hair. Goliath Angelus reviewed this action figure on YouTube.

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* Mattel modeled this doll after actress Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman in the upcoming, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. I am glad to see that the doll has full legs and feet - unlike the Athena Barbie from a few years ago that had boot feet