Monday, October 4, 2010

On Clearance at Walmart - Liv Pet Dolls, Moxie Girlz, and Charlie's Angels Kellys

Regarding the Liv dolls with their pets - hmmmm ... not bad.

Regarding the Moxie dolls - pass. Accessories look cheesy. Not keen on the big heads either.

Regarding the Charlie's Angels Kellys - tsk. Not to be prudish, but they look "tarted up." And $29.88 doesn't strike me as a clearance price.

Why Mattel? Why Artsy Swapping' Stylin'?

Let me say first, that I do not understand the Mattel Fashionistas Swapping' Stylin' dolls. Bratz created a similar type of doll, but they had three head choices for one body. (I think anyway ;-D) Here, there is a doll with an exchange-able head-body.

Why, I ask. Why? There is only ONE doll with Artsy's body. So WHY, WHY, WHY is she on a Swapping' Stylin' body?

Unless, there is going to be a new Fashionista with whom Artsy can share her body.

P.S. What happened to re-dressing dolls?