Thursday, January 3, 2013

New in 2013 ... Taller Bratz by MGA Entertainment

Happy New Year, all!

It's 2013 and guess who's grown a few inches? You guessed it - the Bratz girls. I visited a Target store and saw an Xpress It Sasha. Here she is.

I did not compare her with any of the nearby Barbies, but here's a link where Bratzboulevard mentions the new Bratz Xpress It doll height - with a comparison photo. Are you thinking about the rebodying aspects? I am. Then again, Bratz Xpress It dolls have click bend knees instead of articulated ones. [And the legs are not so very shapely ...] So maybe not ... until I see someone else do it successfully, lol.

Additional Bratz news or Bratzillaz' news ... the Midnight Beach Bratzillaz are out. They glow in the dark. Impressed? Not me. Shrug. Anyway, these three were available at a Philadelphia Target:




I am thinking that I will pass on these lighten-up beach bunnies. I might buy one of the Xpress It dolls though. Might.