Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Want Clothes for Your 8" Mego Female Figures?

Grandma Walton is on a shelf at my eye level. She inspired this post.

For those seeking "everyday" fashions for your 8" Mego figures - the female ones - try the Only Hearts Club doll fashions. The shoes are too large for those Mego figures, but the pants "just" fit if you cuff them (i.e., roll up the extra pants length).

Happy re-dressing!

Found: Twist Tie Receiver

Some time ago, I had asked if anyone were interested in receiving the twist ties from doll and action figure packaging. Well, I am happy to report that after submitting a message on Yahoo Group, Phillyfreecycle, someone asked for them. Yay!

(Phillyfreecycle is a local Yahoo Group where members list items that they want to give away or to receive.)

So if any other collectors have hoards of twist ties that they cannot use, you might want to check if there is a similar online Group or website. Good luck!

Francie Clothes and Visitor

I mentioned Francie clothes the other day, but I only photographed the Barbie & Francie double doll case and some of my Mod dolls in the case. In the following photos, Twiggy and Meg (Bend leg Francie) spread some Francie outfits for a visitor who borrows one of the dresses, "Fresh as a Daisy."

Francie had bright, fun coats:

Clear Out! deserves a photo of its own

A few mod dresses:

Who is the guest visitor? Ibizia Susie!