Saturday, October 4, 2014

Alert for Prettie Girls Fans

One World Doll Project's Prettie Girl Lena

Are you a fan of One World Doll Project's Prettie Girls dolls?

Are you on Pinterest?

Would you like to support the former on the latter? If yes, you can follow the Prettie Girls Pinterest boards. I am following the Cool Stuff board and the News board. Or you can follow all of their boards. So far, they only have 3 followers. You can be the fourth, fifth, etc. 

And if you are feeling particularly supportive, you can follow my Prettie Girls board. In addition to the One World Doll Project photos and news stories, I share pins from fellow bloggers who've written about the Prettie Girls dolls. Go, see, and re-pin. Spread the photos.

Thanks for your hits.


RoxanneRoxanne said...

I do like the Prettie Girls, but sadly I am not on Pinterest. Maybe one of these days. If I do join, I will follow you and the Prettie Girls. Thank you for pinning photos of my Lena!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I'm sorry. I'm not on Pinterest. Keep in touch

D7ana said...

Hi RoxanneRoxanne! I enjoyed your posts on Prettie Girl Lena, and I think your comparison photos will promote that doll line.

There isn't enough time to be on all of the social media platforms; I find Pinterest fun. For that reason, I would wish you on it, but we do what we can.

I was surprised to find only 3 Pinterest followers for the Prettie Girls boards. Here's to more Prettie Girls + Pinterest fans following those boards.

Thanks for the follow comment ;-)

D7ana said...

Hi Marta! Your blog is a dream to view. As I mentioned to Roxanne, we don't have time for ALL social media sites. We will enjoy our blogs. This post was for anyone already on Pinterest or someone thinking about using that platform who is also a Prettie Girls fan.

The grandmommy said...


D7ana said...

Yay, The grandmommy!

Phyllis said...

I am following now! Thanks for the head's up.

subham rai said...

I will just have a look I guess. I am not so much of an active pintrest user. Love your blog btw & would you like to follow each other?


D7ana said...

Hi Phyllis and Subham Rai!

@Phyllis - Neat! I'm following your 1:6 Scale to Make board.

@Subham Rai - food and fashion! I'm following your blog and you on Google+. I see you're on Instagram - I'm not on that platform. I think people are on Pinterest OR Instagram, but not both. Shrug.

Carrickters said...

I am resisting Pinterest at the moment as I think I could end up spending too much time there. But if/when I join I will follow you and the Prettie Girls (you are making my resistance more difficult you know).

Vanessa said...

Thanks. I am now following some of the boards.

Troy said...

Pinterest hasn't grabbed me yet, but I appreciate the item.

Today I just acquired Lena and Valencia; they were only $15 each, so I couldn't pass them up. The faces are lovely and of a more proportionate size (unlike the Barbie Fashionistas slightly oversized/rounder faces), more like Fahion Royalty), and the clothing is fairly standard from the Fashionista perspective. The knees, though, are not smooth like the Fashionistas or Fashion Royalty dolls. The joints are exposed, which does make them stand out in shorts (like Valencia's outfit). It's not bad enough that I wouldn't buy another -- especially because I really like dolls of different ethnicities and want to support this project. I do hope they begin to make separate clothing for the dolls, though, because with the wider hips and bigger feet (wider, longer) than Barbie dolls, dressing them is going to be challenging. I tried to put Lena in the new Style Midge's clothes, but the pants wouldn't even go on. The top fit nicely. Style Barbie's skirt did go on, though the velcro was nowhere near a perfect fit. A Fashion Avenue elastic skirt fit well, but Fashion Avenue pants wouldn't fasten at all. A Fashion Fever skirt did fit fairly well, though it "hikes up" a bit in the back because of the wider hips (and perhaps slightly larger behind). The feet are going to be the biggest problem. Are there other doll clothes on the market that will fit them? Overall, I like them well enough to buy the other dolls as they come out, but I am not sure that I would pay retail.

D7ana said...

Hi Carrickters, Vanessa, and Troy!

@Carrickters - oh, yes, Pinterest is soooo addictive, lol. Thanks for the follow intent. I will, of course reciprocate - you'll have stuff I will want to see.

@Vanessa - yay and thanks! Not my company, but I thought they've got the fans - maybe no one knew about the boards?

@Troy - congratulations on getting your dolls at good prices! Thanks for the review about their knees, too. I didn't notice that when I saw Ms. Leo's Lena.

Fashion ... my Mixis doll could wear Lena's blouse and pants. Lena can wear the Mixis Opal's pants. You might try fashions for the heavier female action figures like the CY Girls, etc. Knit fashions for Barbie bellybutton dolls might work also.

Jakks Pacific G.I.R.L. Force fashions might work, too.

Diego Maurício said...

Valerie is my favourite one!

So beautiful!

D7ana said...

Hi Diego Mauricio! Valerie is one of my favorites. I like too many of them ;-)

Thanks for your comment!