Friday, July 4, 2014

Mattel Fashion Fever Furniture

The Fashion Fever Barbie and friends dolls lit my fashion doll collecting from 2004-2006. I am referring to the pre-Hobbit dolls. The dolls used many face sculpts and colorful fashions. Different hair colors and a variety of complexions. I would have liked more variety racially, but nothing can be perfect. 

I think of the dolls, but there were also furniture pieces available for the Fashion Fever dolls. Here are some of the bedroom pieces. I have not assigned them to any one doll or action figure yet. They are still boxed ... except the vanity that I opened to see the crystal lamp.

The Fashion Fever Sweet Dreams bed. Not sure I would want a bed top to curl over my head, but it is distinctive. How many beds look like this one? Also, I don't think a laptop computer is an accessory that is conducive to sleep, but the fashion magazines and tissues are handy.

The Fashion Fever Crystal Chair looks delicate and pretty. Not the coziest chair in the room, but a nice place to hold a brief telephone conversation or to jot a few notes down.

Only Barbie could pull off a pink and leopard print cat house. That's right: a cat house. And not the Texas kind ;-)  I like this unusual cat perch with the scratching post and a toy mouse for Barbie's cat to "play with." Being sociable, I don't suppose Barbie would consider having her cat house in the living room or the dining room. A litter box would have been a nice addition to this set. 

The Fashion Fever Vanity is cute. I am not so much a vanity lover, but that crystal lamp is so exquisitely beautiful, I had to have it.

This side illustration shows all the furniture pieces available for the bedroom. There are other furniture pieces that were available back in 2005.