Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jaw Dropping Doll Display/Storage

Because sometimes people forget to check comments, I am pulling this link from the comments to a post. I did NOT discover the incredible works you will see. Creative collector Niel of 1:6Sense and Niel's Doll Room submitted this URL in a comment he made for yesterday's DAF Storage post.

The photos are on Flickr ...

Breathtaking Barbie dollhouse

Wow, wow, wow.

More Photos - This Time on Flickr

The Vinyl Lounge/Pink Parlor message board's photo challenge this week is

"Ohhhhh, I love PURPLE!"

Hey, I got lots of purple-wearing and even one purple-haired doll. (Hey Omar, you might want to look out for this Alysa to befriend, be related, etc. to your Rio.) So I uploaded some photos on my Flickr folder. You can see them at this web page:

Purple Reigns