Saturday, September 10, 2011

Et Tu, Dana? Walmart's Sophie Nabs Another Collector

Okay, yes. I confess. It is another case of collector see, collector do. Collector will get broke, too. Sigh.

I am referring to my finding and buying the Liv It's My Nature Sophie on sale at Walmart. Sophie cost $5.00 before sales tax. Sigh. This Walmart Sophie has landed herself in many collectors' homes. How did she manage to get into my cart and in my house? A geas, I think. Here's how the spell unfolded:

1. I went to Walmart for some groceries. (What, you don't go to Walmarts for groceries? I guess you like paying full price for Jalapeno Pringles and Archway Ginger Snaps. Huff. Okay, I wasn't getting the veggies or the meats part of groceries. Just the FUN part. Besides, Walmarts carries turtle food and the markets don't. Not the kind Fakir and Big Guy - the turtles - like anyway. Turtles have so little to occupy themselves; they deserve to have the ReptoMin sticks they prefer.)

2. I just happened to wander into the Clearance section. (Yes, danger zone for us collectors. But my boots moved me that way. I just walked into the space most damaging to my wallet.)

3. I saw the tiny scissors. I saw the adorable boots. I scanned the box once. Five dollars. I scanned the box again. Still five dollars. I reasoned that it would be a sin to NOT get a poseable doll body, fine silvery scissors, and kicky brown boots for the bargain of five dollars. She was the last Sophie there. All the forces aligned: me, the doll, the sale, and enough money in my wallet to get her. God MEANT for me to have her. Roll of thunder.

So, Sophie entered my cart. She got blipped out along with White Castle hamburgers and 8 mini Mounds candy bars (only a dollar!). I did NOT get the Ghirardelli's 60% Cacao Dark Chocolate for about $4.00. I feel pretty virtuous.