Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Identifying DAFs in the Hispanic Heritage Month 2014 Photo

Who's Who in this photograph.

Standing from left to right:

Mattel Barbie for President 2004
Hasbro G.I. Joe
Get Set Club Isabella
Mattel Generation Girl Ana
Mattel Rebelde Giovanni Méndez
Mattel Rebelde Diego Bustamante
Mattel Rebelde Mía Colucci
Mattel Rebelde Miguel Arango
Hot Toys Bronze TrueType Figures
M&C Toys Power Team World Peacekeepers*

Kneeling or sitting from left to right:

Lanard I-Girl Rio
Mattel Tango Barbie
Mattel Tango Ken
Get Real Girl Gabi

*M&C Toys do not label the race or the ethnicity of their action figures. I thought this particular Power Team member looked as if he could be black Hispanic. So I placed him in the group.