Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Are All the Asian-Produced Dolls Slim Like Momoko? See Lady's Mission

You’ve seen how many produced-for-Asian-markets fashion dolls have small builds. If you are familiar with MaBa’s Barbie and Takara’s Jenny, you might think Asian market fashion dolls all have small body frames.

Blant! That’s the buzzer ringing. Wrong. Some female Asian market action dolls or articulated fashion dolls have sturdy frames. The Aoshima/Skynet Ladies Mission and Girls' Mission action dolls as well as the Takara/BBi have definite weight to them. Nothing missish or delicate about them. Plus, they have poseability.

The Lady’s Mission action dolls have full names, numbers, and occupations. Their faces are usually bland. Their hair can be smooth and flat like No. 21 shown below or rough and coarse like that of Kelly Jackson, Lady's Mission Slim Body, No. 4 Basic Infantry. Let’s look at Aoshima/Skynet action doll from Madam Ryu Reika, No. 21 who is a “Street princess.”


P.S. Madam Ryu Reika comes with two formal dresses, one a blue print mini and the other a long red Qi Pao (cheongsam or mandarin gown) and two pairs of high heeled shoes. The "leather" underpants she wears in these photos is part of her original outfit.

Additional photos of this action doll are here in my Webshots.