Saturday, March 15, 2014

Found: New Source for M&C Toys Power Team Guys!

"I wasn't looking, but somehow I found them ..." 

"Them" meaning M&C Toys' Power Team guys. Yes, playscale Power Team guys - wolf whistle. Where? At a Deals store in Philly. For how much - $8.00. When? Yesterday. Which ones? These two cuties shown below. Now I cannot guarantee that these same two will be available at any and every Deals store. And I am really hoping that there are even MORE Power Team guys available at other Deals stores in the city and in the near suburbs. Great news, yes? Fine, articulated male figures for our dioramas under ten dollars - oh, yes.

Here are photos of the two guys I saw and the back of their boxes. (Alas, I have not seen any ethnic figures yet, but we *know* that M&C Toys makes ethnic figures so it's just a matter of time.) 

M&C Toys Power Team figures at Deals


Power Team blond hero with blue eyes


Power Team brunet hero with black-brown eyes


M&C Toys Power Team box back

So if you are looking for any M&C Toys Power Team action figures to increase your male playscale population, stop by the Deals stores in your area. You might be pleasantly surprised.

P.S. if you want to treat yourself to photos of these action figures, peruse the photos uploaded at this Flickr site.