Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New Source for 12" M&C Power Team Action Figures!

There is a NEW toy store at 1708 Chestnut Street in Center City. Yes! Was I surprised? Yes. Did I go there? Yes. I had to see what they had - just in case.

Oh the name of the store? ToyZam. Their motto: It's Okay to Play! And there was a lot of playing going on at the store. Kids and at least one staff member riding an Ezy Roller, noise-making toy animals sounding off, tormenting of musical instruments, and other "fun" activities. I checked the doll line - nothing outstanding - Disney princesses, Chic Boutique princesses, Monster High dolls, and some playline Barbies. The prices seemed a little high: the 2013 Holiday Barbie costs $49.99. Monster High dolls ranged from $19.99 for the Dead Tired, Dance Class, and Skultimate Roller Maze dolls to $34.99 for the Sweet 1600 and Ghouls Rule dolls.

I'm pleased to see a toy store on Chestnut Street, but I'm not overwhelmed until I came to a wall of green boxes and black boxes. Well now. Green boxes ... yes, you guessed right. The M&C Power Team guys were on the shelves. About eight to ten figures. Price? They are $12.99 a figure. The basic PT guys with some extra accessories thrown into the box. Not enough or big enough accessories to warrant $19.99. Although the $20 sets usually had useful accessories - animals or vehicles, furniture, etc. - so the price bump didn't matter so much. But think: Power Team figures outside of Big Lots! Happy dance time.

Because I know someone will ask: no, they did not have any Black or Asian figures in the store. However, that the store carries the Power Team guys at all, that gives me hope that someday, I might find them there. The "them" I mention are the ethnic guys. Or, let me honest, any race or ethnic playscale male figure whose face pleases me. How can I resist them - they are World Peacekeepers, after all.

So check your East Coast neighborhoods for Toyzam stores. Best of luck finding your Power Team crew.