Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Starting a Doll Club - Helpful Sites

Barb the Evil Genius asked about starting a doll club. When I spoke to the librarian where we - me, Ms. Leo, Miya, and Kev - met last week, I used the words, "doll club," but here I wonder if I can call our get togethers club meetings? I like the sense of unity, but I don't know about charters and rules and fees. Anyway,  I found some relevant links online:

About.com offers a doll organization guide with a link to The United Federation of Doll Club or UFDC. Unfortunately, the UFDC website is not working now. I do not know when that site will be available again, but if you are on Facebook, you can get updates about it there. Note: About.com has supplied helpful doll collecting information from Denise Van Patten, the former Doll Collecting Guide, and the current Doll Collecting Guide, Ellen Tsagaris
Angelfire has advice that remains relevant although some of the links lead to empty pages. Remember Angelfire doll websites?

Mimidolls article that can be downloaded from her Classics articles. Six pages detailing steps to take. I learned about this source from Lillian Alberti's doll magazine, The Doll Club.

Does anyone else have suggestions or favorite relevant links to share? Leave the url in your comment, and I'll add them to this post along with your doll/action figure website. Thanks in advance.

More notes: Lisa of The One Sixth Scaled Dollhouse shares her doll club experience in the comments below and in her Flickr page.