Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mattel Barbie Basics Seen in Philly Today!

Yippee! Saw the Mattel Barbie Basics in Toys R Us today!

Models 005 Lea, 007 Gia, 010 Christie, and 011 Teresa impressed me, but my favorite of all was 012 Shannon. If I could only get ONE doll in this series, that would be the one. It's not that the others I mentioned lacked anything as much as it was that I only have one other doll with the Shannon mold - the 2005 Fashion Fever Shannon wearing blue metallic pants. But this new Barbie Basic Shannon has more realistic eyes and stunning honey brown hair and complexion. While beautiful, I could point to similar dolls I already own to match the others - except Gia. And while the Barbie Basics Gia is gorgeous, I could pass on her. Couldn't I?