Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mattel Barbie Basics Seen in Philly Today!

Yippee! Saw the Mattel Barbie Basics in Toys R Us today!

Models 005 Lea, 007 Gia, 010 Christie, and 011 Teresa impressed me, but my favorite of all was 012 Shannon. If I could only get ONE doll in this series, that would be the one. It's not that the others I mentioned lacked anything as much as it was that I only have one other doll with the Shannon mold - the 2005 Fashion Fever Shannon wearing blue metallic pants. But this new Barbie Basic Shannon has more realistic eyes and stunning honey brown hair and complexion. While beautiful, I could point to similar dolls I already own to match the others - except Gia. And while the Barbie Basics Gia is gorgeous, I could pass on her. Couldn't I?


smidge girl said...

Pass? What is this "pass" you speak of?

I'm so jealous! Everyone is getting the Barbie Basics, but I've yet to see any in person. Chicago sucks at getting dolls!

D7ana said...

"Pass" as in me allowing Gia to remain on the store shelves. I deny myself the doll. I walk away from the store empty-handed.

(Thinking ... nnnnoooooo! New face mold, must buy!)

Aw ... the Barbie Basics dolls are due out in December. I don't know why they were issued sooner here and in Texas - NOT that I am complaining LOL. You should be getting them soon.

Chicago just wants you to have more time to deliberate and to anticipate. Yeah right ;-D

smidge girl said...

Empty-handed you say? Well, that just seems strange! I guess if you haaaad to, lol. But, really, it's not very nice to deny people things, especially during the holiday season:)
Actually, it's probably better we don't have them yet. Easier for me to talk myself out of buying a doll I don't need when they're not sitting right in front of me:)

But when you do buy them both, make sure to post pictures!

D7ana said...

Alas, it was a case of my budget saying no. I hated leaving 012 behind in the store. Her face screening was perfect - no wonky eyes. Her hair was nice. She didn't seem big-headed. Sigh.

I've got to get work again. This is a bad year to be broke ;-}

Niel Camhalla said...

what? no pictures? :)

D7ana said...

Nope, not yet LOL

There were three Toys R Us workers in the area around the Barbie Basics dolls - see, even the store clerks can't stay away from them, ha ha! I "chickened" out ;-D