Sunday, November 29, 2009

Target Barbie Holiday Exclusive(s) 2009

I first read about the Target Exclusive Happy Holidays Barbie at Charles' Doll Diary. Cute doll and cute holiday accessories like a Barbie-sized Christmas stocking to match any doll ornaments you might get. Charles' photo showed a doll in a red-white dress. So when I checked the doll remainders yesterday (the Black Friday leavings) and saw a pink-white dressed doll as well, I thought, photograph the pair.

Does anyone know if there are other variations on this doll? And are there ever any ethnic Target Holiday dolls? Curious, I am. There are ethnic Halloween Kellys so .... Eh well.


smidge girl said...

Wow, thanks for the link, that was awesome! I clicked on it all excited, and ended up back at my own page, lol! Haven't seen this doll either (no surprise) but I think I'd get one just for the cute outfits. But, it would be a way bigger draw if it wasn't just another blond blue eyed doll.

D7ana said...

Or if she had a different face like the Carnaval or the Diva Barbie Basics. Sigh.

When I saw her accessories in the store, I remembered your beautiful Christmas tree ornaments. So the link just felt right. May many doll Christmas trees be brightened by your ornaments ;-D

Alison said...

I saw both of these dolls at our Target, and they are really cute (and cheap). But I didn't see any versions except the caucasian ones, which I found a little strange. Surprising, too--all are blonde and blue-eyed. Erg.

D7ana said...

Yes, Alison! Variety, please.

But I shouldn't complain because we've got those lovely Barbie Basics to buy. Sigh. Now that's classy Barbie with variety. These dolls are cute, but they're a cute screening that's been done and done and done.

wtsrudi said...

theya re cute Dana.... were there any new Holiday Kelly & Friends dolls??? do they still make them each year???

D7ana said...

Hi Rudi! Last year, there were Holiday Kelly and friends ... I got the Snowflake Kelly and the Reindeer Kelly, but I haven't seen them yet this year. Perhaps they haven't been set out here yet.

The only Christmas Kellys I have seen so far is the Barbie and Kelly Pink Holiday set.