Saturday, September 20, 2008

G-Five Fiona Returns to Philly

When checking eBay for the Mixis dolls, I noticed a G-Five Fiona for only $12.50. Wow. Pop's Variety and Collectables is the eBay store that sold her to me. Now Fiona was not an A List doll for me, but seeing her at that price, I felt that I had to get her and bring her home to Philly. She arrived yesterday and now she's joined her buddies Gia, Isabella, and Vanessa.

I would just need Eva to complete the set -- not that I always complete sets. Shrug.

And for any G-Five fans reading this blog, Pop's Variety and Collectables presently has Isabella for $12.50. Bonne chance!

No Finds: Cedarbrook Walmart and Toys R Us

Since I found a Rebelde set at the South Philly Walmart, I thought that I might be able to find another set at either the Cedarbrook Shopping Mall Walmart or Toys R Us in Wyncote. Sigh. No such luck. If any Rebelde sets were out, they were all bought before I got there. I saw Catwoman Kelly and Batman Tommy at Walmart and some of the new High School Musical dolls and the Hannah Montana dolls at Toys R Us. Kelly and Tommy were adorable, but I'll wait to get them when the stores are having a sale. They are B List for me. Can't believe that I didn't see even a single Rebelde girl in concert outfit doll. Eh well.

So the hunt for the Rebelde Diego and Roberta set continues.