Sunday, July 19, 2015

Feliz Cumpleaños a Barbie Hispana Amigo, Teresa

Today is Barbie's Hispanic friend Teresa Rivera's birthday. Let's wish her a Happy Birthday. Feliz Cumpleaños!

My first Teresa was the Wet'N Wild Teresa #4136 from 1990. She has the Steffie face mold. She also has those over-large 90's style eyes. I'm not a fan of that combination so she'll be on the dolls for sale list along with some Teresa face mold dolls from the Fashion Fever line. 

Here are my keeper Teresas:

Butterly Art Teresa #20361 from 1999

Once, I thought I would sell this Teresa. But I like her crimped hair texture, her green-hazel eyes, and deep tan. I will eventually give her darker eyebrows. Rebody her? Maybe. If I find a suitable size and complexion body.

Fashion Fever Teresa (striped pants) #H0666 from 2004

PhillyCollector regulars may recall seeing this Teresa. I like her shorter, two-toned chestnut hair and how her face screening is done. She's much lighter complected than my early Teresas, but variety is nice.

Fashion Fever Teresa (Make-up Chic) #33527 from 2005

I'm using this photo again because the doll has been packed away. She's got side glancing eyes and "real" eyelashes. She's the fairest Teresa I am keeping.

I'm also going to keep the Totally Hair Wave It! Teresa shown in an earlier Teresa post. She has dark brown hair and a dark tan like the early Teresas. After I move, I'll debox the boxed dolls. I look forward to doing that.

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Do you have one or more favorite Teresa dolls? Feel free to share links to photos or other sites about Barbie's Hispanic friend Teresa. Thanks!