Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Honing the Collection

When I was a child, I dreamed of having rooms and drawers full of dolls. Some action figures, too, but mostly dolls. Doll clothes, doll vehicles, doll houses, doll settings. Some out of box; others in boxes. I would have a modern fashion doll museum. People would come to see my collections.

Fast forward a few decades. I have dolls and action figures and vehicles and outfits and furniture. I even have a decent-sized room to hold my mini people and their things. What more could I possibly want?


Fewer dolls, fewer action figures. Toss the boxes holding outfits and bring things out of the boxes. Appreciate what I have. Pass on - by selling or donating - the things I am not crazy about. Bring in new things, yes, but let go other things.

I have a lot of dolls and action figures and stuff that I like. It would be better for me to retain the ones I LOVE, the ones I wouldn't live without. Maybe that's why the economy has taken this rough turn - the universe is forcing me to choose my figures.

Oh, okay, that's going melodramatic. Crazier than usual. As if.

Let's just admit, the time has come for me to hone my DAF collection.