Saturday, March 28, 2009

Smartees: Smart Friends for Smart Girls

Ten years ago - 1999 - the Smartees were introduced to the doll-buying public. These dolls were "smart friends for smart girls." Though Barbie-sized, they were not beauty-glamor focused. Each doll presented a different career. Career-related accessories were included with the dolls as well as the standard comb and brush.

First there were four:

Ashley the Attorney
Destiny the Doctor
Emily the Entrepreneur
Vicky the Veterinarian

Then there were six:

The original four plus
Alexis the Artist
Jessica the Journalist

And then seven:

Taylor the Teacher joined the group

Nine - two more professionals:

Amanda the Architect
Caitlin the Chef

And finally, ten:

Nicole the Nurse

I have all except Alexis the Artist. You can see photos of my Smartees dolls here